Alchem Japan is a specialist in recycling Indium.

Inplant Recycling System

In-plant recycling system proposals

photoWe propose in-plant recycling systems for rare metals (e.g. recovery of indium from blasting waste containing ITO scrap or cleaning waste fluid containing 1% or more indium). Materials that were previously discarded and assets that were processed non-transparently can be recovered at your site for fair and proper evaluation. This can also reduce distribution costs. There are many more ways our group’s technology may be able to help you. Drop us a line and we will see what we can do.


Flow of in-plant implementation

Material survey

photoWe investigate the raw materials (waste and recyclable resources) you have. We conduct analysis, feasibility studies, and route checks, under a non-disclosure agreement.


Formal contract

photoAfter you review the results of our analysis, we make a formal contract. We secure laborers, build a system (documents and shipping), inspect the feasibility study, and order equipment.


Plant installation, recycling

photoWe make labor contracts, train laborers, provide technology, and start operation. We provide thorough follow-up service and support the progress of insourcing.


Purchase, evaluation

photoWe appraise and purchase the products of recycling. We take full responsibility for holding up our end, going as far as cash payment.

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製品 Products

レアメタル原料 Rare metal materials

貴金属原料 Precious metal materials

Perfect Recycle

リサイクルシステムの内製化 Inplant recycling system

リサイクルシステム Recycling system

分析・研究開発 Research & Analysis

Scrap purchase

環境方針・品質方針 Environmental policy & Quality policy


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Inplant Recycling System

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